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From Intuition to Vision

From Intuition to Vision

Co-Creation Retreat in Brandenburg

20. März * 18:00 24. März * 12:00

This experimental space will be filled with your various visions, which I don’t know myself at this point. This is the beauty that we will experience. Time and space that is allowed to be filled with life through co-creation, held by the community, mirrored by nature, and carried by your visions.

From Inuition to Vision 1

Integrate the Experience

  • 1:1 Call: Guided Co-Creation Inspiration before the Retreat
  • 20. – 24. March 2024 Co-Creation Retreat From Intuition to Vision
  • Group Call: Vision Follow Up on 23rd or 16th May

We are here to witness your evolution stepping from intuition to vision.

Immerse Yourselves

  • Slow Night Walks
  • Cold Morning Dips
  • Group Cooking Sessions
  • Wild Herbal Tea Ceremonies
  • Meditation, Breathwork and Yoga
  • Intuitive Art Excercises (Writing, Singing, Painting, Dancing, etc.)
  • Authentic Communication Excercises
  • Extended Comfort Zone Excercises
  • Intimate Group of 10 Individuals
  • Rituals and Guidance
  • Your individual Co-Creation contribution with your favourite topic for exploration in the community

Taste the Atmosphere

  • Creative Souls Experience Co-Creation in an Intimate Setting
  • Open and Expansive Nature of Brandenburg
  • Minimalist and Cosy Accommodation
  • Regional, Seasonal Food (vegan/vegetarian)


Our wild herb drinks, some well-being products and a small gift for you
are kindly sponsored by

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Co Creation 3

You are the Creator.

Embracing the transformative potential within.


Explore the profound connection between intuition and creativity, using art as a powerful means of expression. Find solace in community, where shared experiences amplify individual insights, and nature serves as a reflective mirror, guiding you towards deeper self-awareness.

Comfort Zone

Feel the support on your journey in a safe and guided space. Our focus practices gently push boundaries, unlocking untapped potential. Through creative exercises, discover the joy of stretching beyond familiar limits, cultivating a sense of empowerment and self-discovery.


Co-create in a vibrant and collaborative atmosphere with like-minded. Tune into your body’s response to the joy of bringing your vision to life. Engage in collaborative endeavors, enjoy the synergy that arises when connecting with others and gain inspiration from the collective creativity.

Equinox 2


Revealing the transition of the season.

The Timing

The equinox happening on the 20th March 2024 is the tipping point at which the night is just as long as the day, sunlight takes over, winter retreats and spring spreads.

Now is the time to let your intuition guide you and to create something you’ve never done before. Together with other like-minded creatives.


A Space to Grow.

An immersive experience that lasts.

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The Space

We meet in the beautiful Uckermark, Brandenburg (near Berlin). The accommodation embodies pure clarity, creativity and transformation embedded in a spacious natural garden. The owners, both with creative backgrounds, have transformed an overgrown plot within walking distance of a lake into an ecological wooden house and built almost everything themselves. An accommodation that inspires us through its own creation process.

We enjoy this space in an intimate group of 10 people.

1st Floor:
Sleeping Niche

The Bedroom 2 1
  • 1x Single Bed (90×190 cm) in Double Bedroom for 1 Person

829 € / Person*

1st Floor:
Double Bedrooms

The Bedroom 1 1

Lockable Rooms

  • 1x Double Bedroom with Queen Sized Bed for 2 People

1129 € / Person*
(Private Double Bedroom)

  • 1x Double Bedroom with Queen Sized Bed for 2 People, (Sleeping Niche in the same Room)

949 € / Person*
(Private Double Bedroom with Sleeping Niche)

2nd Floor:
Open Loft

The Loft Sleeping 1 1
  • 2x Queen Sized Beds for 2 People each

729 € / Person*

Friends Special
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* Prices include VAT, Food and Drinks, Program, Workshops, Materials, Equipment, Coaching Calls before and after.

Retreat From Intuition to Vision

Take the first step.

Write me what’s on your mind:
Jennifer Beitel

I am Jen

Creating a Space for Co-Creation.

Art and creativity have accompanied me my whole life and I have repeatedly come up against limits – both social and internal. Freeing myself from them time and time again has taught me one thing: I have to arrive within myself. And this is no easily done. It takes a lot of courage and support to explore my intuition again, to feel my passion and live my vision.

I have been able to share this perspective in many contexts, whether at international design workshops, in teaching at universities or in co-hosting at yoga and coaching retreats. In the end, I empower you to empower yourself. That sounds easier said than done: Get away from just thinking about it and experience what co-creation feels like in a collaborative setting.

Which topic makes your heart skip a beat?
This is it. This is your starting point.
Are you willing to take this leap?