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jede Linie individueller als die andere



Linienillustration und -animation


Christine (2/26)

Christine saves lives.

Christine saves small, big, young and old puppies (and also cats), including Floyd. She works day and night in Romania where a dog is worth more dead than alive.

With her mother, they work closely with the German Animal Welfare Association Ein Herz für Streuner e.V. which on the one hand mediates many animals to Germany, Austria and Switzerland from Romania, and on the other hand also runs shelters locally.

Together they have saved many countless souls from certain death, they have spent day and nights together and have carried out numerous castration campaigns. However, they are fighting windmills and are often blocked by the government or the municipality.

Recently, the top veterinary authority in Romania, ANSVSA Bucharest, audited all public shelters. The shelter run by Ein Herz für Streuner e.V. was immediately closed due to its condition and given an ultimatum:

They must get at least 70 dogs out of the shelter or face killing all 250 dogs on 30th April 2023. They need every help they can get in form of adoptions, foster homes or donations.

I chose this motif to create awareness and honour the work of many people who put as much heart and soul into saving living creatures as Christine, her mother and the association. ✨

This illustration is for every puppy soul out there that is still looking for a home.